Medela PersonalFit™ Plus Double Pump Set for Symphony


  • Required for use with the Medela Symphony breast pump
  • Available in three sizes – small 21mm, medium 24mm and large 27mm (see below: how to measure for the right fit)
  • Tested and proven in clinical studies
  • Quick and easy to assemble, clean and sanitise
  • Offers more comfortable, efficient milk removal particularly when sized correctly 1,2


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Full Description

The PersonalFit™ Plus Pump Sets are proven to obtain more milk than standard pump sets1 so you can meet the increased breast milk needs of your baby. They are more efficient with an increase of 11% more milk pumped after 15 minutes1.

The pump sets offers more comfort through natural and gentle pumping1, 2 . Recent design changes include changing the angle of the breast shield from 90 degrees to 105 degrees to provide better fit and optimising the oval shape which can also be rotated.

How to Measure for the Right Fit

Breast shields come in a range of sizes and play a key role in pumping comfort and efficiency, helping you get more milk from each pumping session. Your breast shield flange should follow the shape of your breast and not compress it. It’s your nipple diameter that determines breast shield size. Size medium is commonly used by many mothers but you should measure your nipple with the guide below to ensure the most optimum outcome when expressing (also refer to the fitting video below).


*1 Prime DK et al. 6th ABM Europe Conference, Rotterdam, NL, 2018.
*2 Clinical study, PersonalFit™ PLUS compared to PersonalFit™ in the home setting, data on file. (NCT02492139). 2016

PersonalFit™ PLUS in action
PersonalFit™ PLUS: Bringing the clinical results to life
How to fit your Medela breast shield
How to assemble your PersonalFit™ PLUS pump set
How to clean and sanitise your PersonalFit™ PLUS pump set

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