Ardo Breast Shells


  • Size 26mm breast shells come standard with your double pump set
  • 22mm Breast Shell Inserts are available if the 26mm shells are too large
  • Larger shell sizes are also available (see drop-down below)
  • Made from premium quality Bisphenol-A (BPA) free materials.


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Full Description

It is important to ensure your breast shell fits your nipples correctly. A breast shell that does not fit properly prevents efficient pumping, can cause pain and give rise to sore nipples. The breast shell fits correctly when:

  • The nipple moves freely in the funnel and can follow the rhythmic movements of the pump
  • None or very little of the areola tissue is in the funnel
  • The milk flows and the breast feels soft everywhere after pumping.
Choosing the Right Size

The best way to determine which size you need, is to measure your nipple (excluding the areola), to the widest part, add 4mm to this, and this is the breast shell you should try.

We offer a range of sizes, 22mm, 26mm (standard size with double pump set), 28mm, 31mm, and 36mm diameter – the diameter is the circle on the breast shells where your nipple will enter.

However, choosing a shell size is not just about nipple diameter, but also about the texture, shape and movement of your nipple, areola and breast.


Ardo breast shells best fit


Determining breast shell size for optimum milk expression

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