Ameda Hygienikit Milk Collection System


  • Suitable for the Ameda Elite or Ameda Platinum
  • Proven Airlock Protection™ prevents air flow between expressed milk and tubing while pumping
  • The solid barrier keeps narrow pump tubing dry so no need to clean or replace it
  • All HygieniKit Systems attach the same way to all Ameda electric breast pumps simplifying pump use and care

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Full Description

The Ameda milk collection system features a patented barrier that protects the breast milk, kit tubing and pump from potential contaminants like bacteria and viruses while pumping. Ameda® HygieniKit Milk Collection Systems do not contain BPA or DEHP. Ameda’s kit prevents milk and/or moisture from entering tubing, eliminating the risk of dangerous mould growth.

Ameda HygieniKit™ Milk Collection System

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