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Category: Maternity

Baby Bassinet Allays New Mum’s Anxiety

When Nicole had both her children she loved the clear baby bassinet in hospital. Despite exhaustion, after the births she was on high alert, “are they still breathing”!! And she would check them ad nauseam. Which is tricky when she’d had C-sections; so wheeling the bassinet right by her bedside where she could see through […]

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Expressing Milk – Tips for Working Mums

The reality for many mums these days is returning to work before our babies are weaned from milk. Unless you consider formula, that means expressing with a breast pump which also gives you and your baby the benefits of breast milk. We know the benefits of breast milk to be: Improved resistance to disease and […]

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High Levels of Protein in Some Infant Formula Lead to Obesity

We are in the business of advocating breast milk where possible. Our viewpoint is only strengthened by recent data suggesting that some infant formulas have inappropriate levels of protein in them which lead to an increased BMI in the first two years of infancy and obesity in childhood. “Breast milk is actually quite low in […]

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