Cancellation & Returns Policy

1. For rentals booked to be collected from our warehouse or one of our pharmacy partners:


If you haven’t yet collected your rental:

You can cancel your pickup order within 48 hours of booking by calling us or emailing – if we have already charged your credit card, this will be refunded. If it has been more than 48 hours since booking we are unable to cancel your booking or offer a refund.


If you’ve picked up your rental:

Once you’ve collected your rental from our warehouse or pharmacy partner we are unable to accept a return in the event that you have changed your mind. You can still return your equipment early if you do not require it however we are unable to offer a refund. Returns should be booked through the returns page of our website.


2. For rentals being delivered by courier

Once your order has been placed it is unable to be cancelled.


Updated 07/01/2019