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Baby Bassinet Allays New Mum’s Anxiety

When Nicole had both her children she loved the clear baby bassinet in hospital. Despite exhaustion, after the births she was on high alert, “are they still breathing”!! And she would check them ad nauseam. Which is tricky when she’d had C-sections; so wheeling the bassinet right by her bedside where she could see through the Perspex side was a god-send. Her anxiety, like many new mums did not end once she came home.

Having a C-section means no lifting for 6 weeks, which is a challenge when you’ve just had a baby! Nicole researched co-sleeper cots but as it was a product to be used for such a short time it did not seem worth the cost. And they were not really a useful option for wheeling through to the living area for day sleeps.

For both babies a hospital-grade perspex bassinet rented for three months was the ideal solution. It meant being able to see baby through the clear side during the night as well being able to wheel her sleeping baby from room to room when needed.

“It’s also great for changing their nappies and I didn’t need a change table for the first three months! The tray below keeps everything you need in one so it saved on space too”, commented Nicole. Some mums have told us they also use their bassinets for bathing baby as the bedding is easily slipped out and the bed wiped down after the bath.

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